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New Twin Peaks TV show, Twin Peaks 2017

Where is the Twin Peaks TV show heading in 2017? – Clue No 4

Clue No 4: UFO’s over Twin Peaks in 1947?

This is probably the most surprising route the new Twin Peaks TV show might take. Little green men in our beloved town!

The book promo video that Mark Frost released in July 2016 shows two documents pertaining to sightings of flying saucers.

New Video – ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’

New Twin Peaks TV show: Clue No. 4

The first UFO document is an interview with Mr Kenneth Arnold conducted on July 12th, 1947. Mr Arnold claims that he saw 9 strange objects flying over the Cascade Mountain Range on June 25th, 1947. It’s the interviewer’s personal opinion that Mr Arnold actually saw what he states he saw. Mr Arnold is very outspoken and the interviewer doesn’t doubt his integrity.

The second document is a confidential report of UFO sightings. It’s unclear whether these come from Mr Arnold or other witnesses. The shape, colour, sound and trail of 18 UFO’s are reported into detail but sighting no 2, 4 and 7 have been blacked out due to reasons of ‘national security’.

From “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks”
ufo report secret history of twin peaks

Roswell incident related to UFO sightings near Twin Peaks?

The year 1947 rings a bell for any UFO enthusiast. On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a press release stating that a “flying disc” had been recovered, after it had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. Following wide initial interest, the military stated that the crash was merely of a conventional weather balloon.

Until this day, the Roswell incident is the world’s “most famous and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim” or “biggest government cover up of a UFO crash”, depending on who you ask. Will the new Twin Peaks TV show go further in the Roswell incident’s story?

New Twin Peaks TV show: Project Blue Book

While flying saucers over Twin Peaks might sound ridiculous to some fans, there were peculiar UFO references in Twin Peaks Season 1 and 2. In one episode Major Briggs talks about Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s investigation into the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, officially disbanded in 1969. Major Briggs continued to work on it in an unofficial capacity, examining the heavens as before.

Major Briggs adds though that, in the case of Twin Peaks, he examines the earth below. He is searching for a place called the White Lodge. Is the White Lodge somehow connected to the UFO sightings? And will there be further mention of the Roswell incident in the new Twin Peaks TV show?

Twin Peaks Season 3: The truth is out there

We believe it’s very doubtful that Twin Peaks Season 3 will show ‘Independence Day’-like flying saucers. On the other hand there might be the suggestion that the White Lodge, Native American mythology and UFO sightings are connected in some way.

This juxtaposition of Native American mythology and alien abduction mythology has happened before in television history. As a matter of fact, it takes place in more than one episode of ‘The X-Files’.

David Duchovny (seen for years as ‘Fox Mulder’, main character in ‘The X-Files’) played Denis Bryson, a cross-dressing DEA agent in Twin Peaks Season 2 and is said to return in Season 3. If Bryson switched from chasing drug dealers to UFO’s, fans of ‘The X-Files’ might be in for a real treat.

UFO references and David Duchovny, showing up in the new Twin Peaks TV show, will definitively exert attraction on the vast X-Files’ fan base.

’The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ message [SPOILER ALERT]

“It is not something “out there” – in the president’s words. They may well once have been our neighbours from some distant star. But I believe they were here before us… I believe they have observed, helped, haunted, tormented and teased us since the beginning of time for reasons entirely their own.”

Are you expecting to see UFO’s in the new Twin Peaks TV Show? What do you make of all this? Leave us your comments below!

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