Sylvia Horne


Sylvia Horne

Screenshot of Jan D’Arcy as Sylvia Horne, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Sylvia Horne, the absent mother of Johnny and Audrey

Sylvia Horne is married with the richest man of Twin Peaks, the town’s business magnate. Her husband Benjamin Horne owns the Great Northern Hotel and Horne’s Department Store.

To her daughter Audrey, Sylvia Horne is somewhat of an absent mother as she focuses most of her attention on her mentally disabled son Johnny.

Sylvia Horne’s story

What she needs is a little support from her husband

In 1989 Sylvia Horne’s son Johnny is 27 years old – going on 6. She hires specialists to help cure Johnny but she loses her temper and criticizes Johnny when she notices he isn’t making any progress.

With his busy work schedule, Sylvia’s husband is never around to help. As their mother, Sylvia is stuck with the burden to raise both Johnny and Audrey.

For a small amount of cash, Laura Palmer spends time with Johnny reading and talking. Sylvia Horne pays Laura $ 50 a week, $ 200 a month to tutor Johnny, three times a week.

“You can tell Johnny once again that Laura won’t come this afternoon to work with him.”

Sylvia’s husband prefers to hang out with his brother Jerry

Sylvia doesn’t like Benjamin Horne’s borther Jerry, who hangs out with her husband way too much. She suspects her husband of infidelity but can’t prove a thing.

On more than one occasion, Sylvia Horne feels embarresed about her husband and his brother’s weird behaviour. During dinner, they go berserk over sandwiches, freshly flown-in from Paris, of which the smell gets them all emotional and nostalgic.

Sylvia Horne sees her daughter Audrey as a troublemaker

Audrey Horne lacks attention from both parents. Her mother is too busy with Johnny and her father spends all of his time running his family business.

Intimidating the Great Northern Hotel’s personnel and messing up her father’s business deals, Audrey Horne goes out of her way to get the attention she so desperately needs.

But neither Benjamin nor Sylvia Horne notice that and believe their daughter Audrey is just an irritating troublemaker. Nothing more, nothing less.

When Audrey criticises her mother for hitting Johnny trying to shut him up, Sylvia Horne blames Audrey for causing her brother’s condition by pushing Johnny down the stairs when they were children.

Sylvia Horne – Quotes

“So you think it might help?”

“You can tell Johnny once again that Laura won’t come this afternoon to work with him.”

“Now what is so difficult to understand about that?”


“We have to be patient, Ben.”

“Do I have to call Dr Jacoby every time I have a problem with Johnny?”