Norma Jennings

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Screenshot of Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Norma Jennings, Twin Peaks’ Double R Diner’s owner

Norma Jennings is a well-known face within the Twin Peaks community as she owns and runs the town’s Double R Diner.

Norma has dedicated her life to growing the Double R Diner into a successful business while her husband Hank Jennings repeatedly got arrested for criminal activities.

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Norma Jennings’ story

At the time of the Laura Palmer murder, Norma Jennings’ husband is in jail serving 18 months for his involvement in a drunken driving accident.

Although Hank’s imprisonment provides her safety to carry on an affair with her high school boyfriend Ed Hurley, Norma Jennings gives a positive testimony at the parole hearing and even offers Hank a job at the Double R Diner to facilitate his parole.

Ed Hurley and Norma Jennings: A couple meant to be?

“Maybe, that’s our problem, Ed. We never want to hurt anyone. We never just take what we want.”

Norma Jennings is married to Hank Jennings but still loves her high school sweetheart Ed Hurley, who now owns Big Ed’s Gas Station. During Hank’s incarceration Norma grew close to Ed again.

Norma Jennings hates to run into Ed’s wife Nadine Hurley, having to listen to her ramblings about noiseless, completely silent drape runners, an invention that keeps her up all night. Norma never knows exactly how to respond and thinks Nadine is on to her and Ed.

Norma knows this world is going to pieces, and it feels like it’s designed to keep her and Ed apart. She’d love to divorce Hank and marry Ed, but events continually prevent her from taking the necessary steps.

Norma Jennings feels that she and Ed never just take what they want because they never want to hurt anyone.

Norma and Ed: High school sweethearts

Norma Jennings and Ed Hurley had been together in High School for about four years. Everybody figured they’d get hitched. Ed barely knew Nadine to say hello to.

One bad weekend, Norma ran off with Hank. Ed was so twisted up inside he couldn’t see straight. He drove off with Nadine to a small town in Montana and asked her to marry him.

Norma was devastated to learn that Ed got married with Nadine. A couple of months later Norma got married with Hank Jennings.

Will Norma continue to help out Hank Jennings?

When released from prison, Hank surprises Norma with his eagerness to help boost the Double R Diner’s business when it comes to their attention the undercover food critic M.T. Wentz is in town. Hank Jennings really tries his best to be a good employee and nice husband.

But old habits die hard and Hank Jennings soon resumes his criminal activities. When Bobby Briggs tells Sheriff Truman that he witnessed Hank Jennings shoot Leo Johnson, it’s over and out for Hank Jennings.

Norma and Hank Jennings: What about those divorce papers?

In a final attempt to stay out of jail, Hank asks Norma Jennings to give him an alibi for the night Leo Johnson got shot. In return he will sign the divorce papers.

When Norma Jennings refuses, Hank desperately shouts out: “You’ll be Ed’s whore!” But Norma determinedly responds: “I’d rather be his whore than your wife!”

Norma Jennings – Relationships

Norma Jennings supports Shelly Johnson

Norma Jennings is very friendly with Shelly Johnson, who works at the Double R Diner and, just like her, married the wrong husband. Little do these two women know but Leo Johnson actually has been taking care of Norma’s husband Hank’s business during Hank’s imprisonment.

When Shelly has to quit her job to take care of Leo after he got shot, Norma Jennings is very supportive. She tells Shelly she can come back to her job whenever she wants to.

Norma Jennings has got a difficult relationship with her mother

Some weeks after Hank’s parole, Norma Jennings gets a surprise visit of her mother Viviane. She and Hank are introduced to Ernie Niles, a finance and computer expert, who got engaged with Norma’s mother.

As they happen to be former jail buddies, the nervous and easily threatened Ernie Niles is soon involved in Hank Jennings’ dealings with Jean Renault who took over ownership of One Eyed Jacks.

Norma gets help from her sister Annie Blackburn

With Shelly gone and her husband back in jail, Norma Jennings can use all the help she gets. It’s like a God’s gift when her younger sister Annie Blackburn shows up in Twin Peaks looking for a job. After a suicide attempt following a broken relationship, she lived in a convent for years.

Norma Jennings hopes her sister enjoys what life outside the convent has to offer and persuades Annie into participating at the Miss Twin Peaks Contest.

Norma Jennings – Quotes

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“Look at us. Two men apiece and we don’t know what to do with any of the four of them.”

“I own the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks. I can give him a job. The boss is tough, but fair.”

“Well, I have to put gas in my tank like everyone else, right?”

“She came in around dinner time the night before she died to pick up her meals for delivery.”

“Maybe, that’s our problem, Ed. We never want to hurt anyone. We never just take what we want.”

“I’d rather be his whore than your wife!”