Mike Nelson

“That is right. Mike *is* the man.”

Screenshot of Gary Hershberger as Mike Nelson, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Mike Nelson, Bobby Briggs’ best friend

Mike Nelson is, without a doubt, Bobby Briggs’ best friend. They share the Twin Peaks High School football team, hang out drinking beer and are dealing cocaine that they get delivered from Leo Johnson.

Despite his drinking habits and drug use, Mike Nelson looks in good shape. He’s Twin Peaks High School wrestling champ and always wears a red Twin Peaks High school jacket.

Mike Nelson’s story

Mike Nelson and Donna Hayward

With his best friend Bobby Briggs seeing Laura Palmer, Mike Nelson got introduced to Donna Hayward. After Laura dies, Donna receives little compassion nor support from her boyfriend Mike, who screems at her because Bobby got arrested.

When Donna falls for the charms of Laura’s secret boyfriend, Mike Nelson and Bobby Briggs end up in a bar fight when looking for their rival, biker boy James Hurley.

Mike Nelson, sporty chap and drug dealer

Mike Nelson is member of both Twin Peaks High school football and wrestling team. Though he frequently stays up late with Bobby, Mike makes it to morning practice in time like every day.

Mike is far more loyal to his sports training than his best friend Bobby, who probably only joined the team to impress girls.

Both Mike and Bobby are dealing cocaine they get delivered from Leo Johnson. It seems as if Bobby has been dealing coke behind Mike’s back since he has been meeting Leo without Mike.

Mike Nelson in business with Leo Johnson

Mike Nelson and Bobby Briggs owe their supplier Leo Johnson ten grand. It’s half of the money they earned selling coke that Laura stored in her safe deposit box. Now Laura is dead, they cannot get to the money.

Mike and Bobby scare for their life when they bring Leo Johnson the bad news. Leo tells them to go for a pass and run.

Mike Nelson becomes a couple with Nadine Hurley

After awakening from her coma, Nadine Hurley believes she’s 18 all over again. On Dr Jacoby’s advice, Ed has Nadine enlisted as a cheerleader with Twin Peaks High School football team, where she falls in love with Mike Nelson.

Mike is repulsed at first by the far older Nadine’s advances but gets interested after they share a kiss.

Mike Nelson is later seen with Nadine Hurley at the Great Northern Hotel where they book a room under false names.

When Mike Nelson learns what a combination of sexual maturity and superhuman strength can result in, there’s no stopping Mike. After the Miss Twin Peaks pageant Norma Jennings, Ed and Nadine Hurley and Mike Nelson will have a sit down with Dr Jacoby to discuss their futures.

Mike Nelson – Quotes

“Well we’re, uh, all pretty broken up about what happened today, sir. Besides, Bobby is doing most of the driving.”

“That’s right. Mike *is* the man.”

“First your girlfriend, then mine.”

“Hey Bopper … since when does Leo Johnson call me at my parent’s house?”

“We’re lucky we’re in jail, you know what’s gonna go down when we get out?”

“Do you have any idea what the combination of sexual maturity and superhuman strength can result in?”