Lucy Moran

“Would you care to leave a message?”

Screenshot of Kimmy Robertson as Lucy Moran, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Lucy, Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department desk clerck and phone operator

When you phone the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, your call is answered by Lucy Moran, the high-voiced blonde receptionist. You’ll find her to be very sensitive and showing excellent communication skills.

Lucy Moran was voted “Employee of the Year” in 1988 although she occasionaly loses an important case file. She also has the bad habitude to listen in on Sheriff Truman’s incoming phone calls.

Lucy Moran’s story

Andy and Lucy Moran

Lucy is seeing deputy Andy Brennan. They sleep together and Lucy cares deeply when she notices how the cruel murder of Laura Palmer emotionally affects Andy.

After some time however, she got tired of Andy Brennan. It frustrates Lucy that Andy never exercises, never washes his car and doesn’t even own a sport coat.

Lucy Moran seeks adventure by dating Dick Tremaine, who works at Horne’s Department Store, Men’s fashion and looks like a character from Lucy’s favourite TV soap opera ‘Invitation to Love’.

Deputy Andy is frustrated when Lucy avoids further contact with him. He’s hurt when he hears Lucy started seeing another man. He even calls in sick the first time Dick Tremaine is meeting Lucy Moran at work.

Lucy Moran pregnant right after Laura Palmer’s murder

After having ignored Andy for some time, Lucy tells him she’s pregnant. Andy responds in disbelieve as his donorship with the Tacoma sperm bank revealed low sperm count. The doctor told him he couldn’t have babies.

Lucy Morane and the Laura Palmer murder investigation

After agent Cooper finds a copy of Flesh Word in Laura’s deposite box, he has Andy Brennan and Lucy Moran go through last editions to look for futher clues. Lucy acts like a professional but she feels rather uneasy being left with Andy and a pile of sleazy magazines.

Andy, who needs to redo his sperm test, is grateful having the Flesh World magazines. Andy and Lucy’s relationship doesn’t improve however, when Lucy catches Andy rushing off to the restroom with a magazine or two.

Sheriff Truman also has Lucy Moran go through the bird files of veterinarian Dr Bob Lydecker, who is the one-armed man’s best friend. Cooper, who is following leads from a dream, is convinced the birds will sing a pretty song.

Lucy feeds Waldo, the myna bird who’s suffering from dehydration after it is found in Jacques Renault’s abandoned log cabin. Her oranges help Waldo come to his sences, turning him in a valuable witness.

Who will Lucy Moran pick as father for her unborn child?

Andy gets retested and finds out his low sperm count is gone. As Lucy was sleeping with both Andy and Dick, they both can be the father.

Lucy Moran tells them that she will chose the father when the baby is born. A decision that sets off a competition between the two men, desperate to show they’d be the perfect father.

They even adopt a kid through the Big Brothers program, rather showing to Lucy Moran they both have a lot to learn about being a father.

Lucy Moran – Quotes

“Sheriff, I’m going to transfer it to the phone on the table by the red chair. The red chair against the wall. The little table with lamp on it. The lamp we moved from the corner? The black phone, not the brown phone.”

“Andy, are you okay sweety? Andy… sweety.”

“Jared decided not to kill himself, and he’s changed his will leaving the Towers to Jade instead of Emerald, but Emerald found out about it, and now she’s trying to seduce Chet to give her the new will so that she can destroy it.”

“Would you care to leave a message?”

“Officer Andy, this is peak activity time at the station switch board. So it’s really not convenient for me to talk right now.”

“Birdy, birdy birdy… Want some orange? Come’on, let’s share.”

“Sheriff, Leo Johnson called. He left this message. And sheriff, in the background when I spoke to them, I could hear a clock striking… It sounded like the clock at Easter Park.”

“I work for the Sheriff, you could’ve dialed 911.”