Johnny Horne

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Screenshot of Robert Bauer as Johnny Horne, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Johnny Horne, Twin Peaks’ business magnate’s mentally disabled son

Johnny Horne is 27 years old – going on 6. He’s Audrey Horne’s older brother, Benjamin and Sylvia Horne’s mentally disabled son.

Johnny loves to play indians and shooting arrows to rubber buffalos. He wears a headdress made of beautifully colored feathers.

Johnny Horne’s story

Laura Palmer was Johnny Horne’s tutor

Laura’s death makes Johnny Horne very distressed as she had been his tutor for many years. The Horne family paid Laura Palmer $ 50 a week to tutor Johnny three times a week.

Although the money was used to buy coke, Laura Palmer really liked being there for Johnny Horne because he loved her no matter what she did.

Laura read Johnny Horne stories, played with his bow and arrow in the front lawn and talked to him. Sometimes Laura thought Johnny Horne had just chosen to keep quiet because it is so much more interesting sometimes to just listen to people instead of talking to them.

In Johnny Horne’s eyes the world is a strange mix of happiness and pain. Laura Palmer writes in her secret diary she understands Johnny Horne more than she does a lot of other people.

Dr. Jacoby helps Johnny Horne

Laura Palmer meets Dr. Jacoby because he is Johnny’s therapist. She was immediately aware of Lawrence Jacoby’s attraction to her. He had fallen in love with the “two Lauras,”. What Laura considered a curse, he found enticing.

When Johnny Horne is having an anxiety attack as a result of Laura Palmer’s death, Sylvia Horne is doing more harm than good, shouting at Johnny, angrily trying to shut him up.

What’s the cause of Johnny Horne’s condition?

When Sylvia falls to criticism by Audrey, she reacts by blaming Audrey for her brother’s condition. She tells Audrey that the reason her brother has a child’s mind is because Audrey pushed him down the stairs when they were children.

Dr Jacoby, however, argues that Johnny Horne’s mental state is not the result of a head trauma. He has chosen to regress to childhood behaviour as an escape from a childhood trauma. Something really awful must have happened to Johnny Horne when he was very young.

Johnny Horne – Quotes

“Amen… Amen!”