Deputy Andy Brennan

“Tell Harry… I did not cry. But Lucy, it is so horrible.”

Screenshot of Harry Goaz as Deputy Andy Brennan, from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
© Lynch/Frost & Twin Peaks Productions.

Andy Brennan, Twin Peaks Sheriff Department Deputy

Deputy Andy may come over a little slow at first but he’s considered an important asset to the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. Andy is very loyal to Sheriff Truman, standing up against the arrogant city slicker Albert Rosenfield.

He’s also known for, almost incidentally, coming upon important clues during investigations.

Deputy Andy Brennan’s story

Deputy Andy Brennan – his bravery is exceeded only by the size of his heart

Andy Brennan starts crying when he is supposed to make photos of Laura Palmer’s dead body. Doctor Hayward has to take over Andy’s camera and finish the job. Deputy Andy’s bravery is exceeded only by the size of his heart. A rare combination indeed.

Andy is embarrassed about crying at the murder scene but he just can’t help himself. It’s all so horrible. He even calls Lucy and asks her to tell Harry he didn’t cry.

Andy Brennan, Twin Peaks’ talented drawer of sketches

Deputy Andy has a talent at drawing sketches based on witness reports. It’s Andy who draws the picture of BOB, the man Sarah Palmer thinks to have seen at the foot of Laura’s bed.

Later during Leland’s trial for the killing of Jacques Renault, deputy Andy draws sketches of Leland Palmer’s head for the Twin Peaks Gazette.

Andy and Lucy Moran

Deputy Andy started seeing the secretary of sheriff’s department, Lucy Moran. After a while, however, Lucy grew tired of Andy as he never exercises, he never washes his car and he doesn’t even own a sport coat!

Lucy Moran starts to avoid contact with Andy Brennan, who doesn’t get why she’s doing how she’s doing. Agent Cooper advices Andy to let that one go: “In the grand design women were drawn from a different set of blueprints”.

Andy’s former girlfriend, who kind of lives in a soap opera fantasy, seeks adventure by seeing Dick Tremayne, sales clerck at Horne’s Department Store, Men’s Fasion. Andy is jealous of Dick’s relationship with Lucy but finds it difficult to compete with this smooth operator.

Oligospermia and a shooting accident

When trying to arrest the one-armed-man, Deputy Andy’s gun slips out of his hands and accidentally goes off. Agent Cooper is outraged and advices Andy needs practice. Lots of it, at the Sheriff’s Department ‘s shooting range.

Deputy Andy later becomes a real hero when he saves Sheriff Truman by neutralizing Jacques Renault with a single shot. Lucy is impressed, this almost sounds like an episode of ‘Invitation to Love’.

Did Andy get Lucy pregnant?

Lucy doesn’t receive the reaction she expected when telling Andy she’s pregnant. Andy is stupefied because he learnt that he is sterile when volunteering as a donor for the Tacoma Sperm Bank. Doctor Hayward explained to him he can’t get babies. And Lucy had been seeing that Dick Tremaine.

After hearing about Lucy’s pregnancy, deputy Andy asks Doctor Hayward if he can re-do the sperm test. Andy is happy to hear his sperms are back.

“I’m a whole damn town! I’m a whole damn town… Woohoo!”

Deputy Andy Brennan, Lucy Moran and Richard Tremaine

Now Andy Brennan’s sperms are back, Lucy believes it’s a 50/50 chance proposition. She tells Andy and Dick she will chose the father when the baby is born. A decision that sets off a competition between the two men to prove the best suited for fathership.

Andy Brennan – Quotes

“Tell Harry… I didn’t cry. But Lucy, it’s so horrible.”

“Albert Roserfeld. I don’t like the way you talk smart about Sheriff Truman or anybody. You just shut your mouth!”

“When the Tacoma Sperm Bank was looking for donors, naturally I applied. It’s my civic duty and I like whales.”

“She won’t speak to me and I don’t know why. I don’t know why she is doing what she is doing.”

“Dick! Oh my Lord, is he the father!?”

“Tremaine, Brennan, Andy Brennan! We need to talk… That is if you are not too busy.”