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People of Twin Peaks

Benjamin Horne

In 1989 Benjamin Horne has big development plans. He wants to take over ownership of the land on which the Packard mill sits and turn it into a luxury country club and estates. There is a group of Norwegian investors who want to pay big money for the quality of air and life that Twin Peaks has to offer. But “sometimes the urge to do bad is nearly overpowering”…  Click to read more and comment »
People of Twin Peaks

Audrey Horne

Audrey is a charming yet greatly inquisitive high school student, of some renown. Next to being president of the Twin Peaks High School French Club, she’s also the daughter of Benjamin Horne, the town’s business magnate. Although she and Laura Palmer were no friends, she takes it upon her to help solve her murder, only to discover more than she bargained for.  Click to read more and comment »
People of Twin Peaks

Special Agent Dale Cooper

FBI agent Dale Cooper displays an array of quirky mannerisms, remarkable sayings and a distinctive sense of humour. He always carries with him his voice recorder making tapes to a woman called ‘Diane’. His mission is to investigate the brutal murder of the popular high school girl, Laura Palmer.  Click to read more and comment »