Twin Peaks costumes
Twin Peaks Costumes

Who is picking a Twin Peaks costume for Halloween?

Twin Peaks hype during Halloween?

Social media have been buzzing about the new Twin Peaks TV Show. Mark Frost’s newly released book ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ predominates our Twitter timeline these days. Some posts from people planning to dress up like a Twin Peaks character for Halloween, stole our attention today.

Twin Peaks costumes – Take your pick

It’s not a bad idea wearing a Twin Peaks costume for Halloween. The Twin Peaks TV Series have many horror elements in it, that’s for sure. Weird dreams, dancing dwarfs, a one-armed man, owls, visits by a giant. You name it!

What Twin Peaks character to pick for Halloween?

Nadine with the eye patch or the Log Lady could be a right choice for women. Killer BOB or axe-swinging Leo Johnson might be your pick if you’re a guy. Dress up to look exactly like him or her and become a perfect ‘doppelgänger’.

Pick your favourite Twin Peaks character:
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Send us your Twin Peaks costume pictures!

Who’s going to a Twin Peaks themed party at Halloween?

We were wondering how many of our followers will be attending a Twin Peaks themed party at Halloween. – Are you? Make sure you send us your pictures below. We look forward to seeing your Twin Peaks dress or costume!

Are you trick-or-treating dressed up like Leo Johnson, Audrey Horne, Nadine Hurley or killer BOB? Make sure to capture your Twin Peaks outfit. Upload your Twin Peaks costume pictures below.

Twin Peaks Costume Pictures

Are you dressing up to look like Laura Palmer? Maddy Ferguson did! Can you do better?

  • Dress up like Laura Palmer!Pick your favourite Twin Peaks character,
  • Assemble your outfit,
  • Pay attention to detail,
  • Be creative,
  • Persuade friends to get Twin Peaks costumes,
  • Go out,
  • Take great pictures,
  • Send us a link to your Twin Peaks costume pictures by using the comment section below.


The best ones will be shown to an audience of Twin Peaks fans on our website!

You can easily leave us a link to your Twin Peaks costume pictures in the comment section below:

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