Wisteria: Twin Peaks Season 4?
Twin Peaks Season 4

Is David Lynch’s upcoming series code-named “Wisteria” Twin Peaks Season 4?

More than 1 in 5 Twin Peaks fans believe Wisteria will be Twin Peaks related

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According to a Twitter Poll set up by @VisitTwinPeaks, more than 1 in 5 Twin Peaks fans think Wisteria will somehow be related to the Twin Peaks Series:

  • 1 in 10 (11%) believe the secret project name actually serves as a cover for ‘Twin Peaks Season 4’.
  • 1 in 10 (9%) believe these new David Lynch series will be some kind of Twin Peaks spin-off.

The poll was shared with our +7,300 followers and retweeted +20 times, resulting in +600 votes. A large enough sample size for the poll results to accurately mirror the opinion of the whole Twin Peaks Fan Community.

Wisteria leaks: Netflix. 25 episodes. $85 mil budget. Starts shooting in May

According to a production listing from ProductionWeekly, David Lynch will be working on a Netflix Original series.

The untitled David Lynch project goes under code name of Wisteria. Production is due to begin in May 2021. It will be filming in The Calvert Studios in Van Nuys, California, where many scenes from Twin Peaks Season 3 were shot.

Lynch will write and direct the series. The producer is Sabrina S. Sutherland, who also produced Twin Peaks Season 3.

A Reddit post from 9 months ago, that was largely ignored, might be 100% accurate. In a reaction user Canthaveit wrote: “Netflix. 25 hour-long episodes. $85 mil budget. Starts shooting in May. Code/working title is Wisteria.” This Reddit member’s identity is unknown but he must be an insider as he got the code name right.

On November 28th 2020, he shared a new post: “It looks like they continued with pre-production during lockdown but it’s been inactive since the summer. They’ll probably be pretty ready to start shooting as soon as David is vaccinated.”

Why Wisteria could very well be Twin Peaks Season 4?

Over the past year David Lynch himself and others have certainly done a good job fuelling rumours that a continuation of Twin Peaks was in the works.

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 1

On September 18th 2019 David Lynch tweeted about his love for the locations in King County where Twin Peaks was shot.

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 2

Just one week later Hollywood Horror Museum (on whose board is Jennifer Lynch) stirred up rumors with following tweet:

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 3

On September 20th 2019, people at the Salish Lodge & Spa (filming location for the Great Northern Hotel) tweeted  about ‘feeling Twin Peaks vibes’:

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 4

Michael Horse, who plays Deputy Hawk, posts a picture on Instagram on October 1st 2019, suggesting there is a big secret he can not talk about. Did that secret go under the name of ‘Wisteria’?


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


Een bericht gedeeld door Michael Horse (@officialdeputyhawkk_)

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 5

On October 1st 2019, Kyle MacLachlan posts following tweet. Al Strobel, who plays the one-armed-man responded to Kyle’s tweet saying “loose lips sink ships” but later deleted his reply.

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 6

On September 30th 2020, a Dugpa user writes he got tipped off that the Salish Lodge Dining Room was closed for two days 9/18-9/20. 9/18 was when the King County Tweet went out by Lynch. 9/20 was when the Salish lodge posted about feeling the Twin Peaks vibes.

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 7

On October 7th 2020 David Lynch told  PCS Literary Magazine in a video interview that he would be “making a continuing story” if it wasn’t for the corona pandemic. “A continuing story” is the term that both Lynch and Frost have been using for years to refer to Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Season 4 – Teaser 8

On October 30th 2020, Lynch joined a ‘Twin Peaks Rewatch party’ organized by ‘Twin Peaks Unwrapped’ just to thank Twin Peaks fans “for their enthusiasm and dedication to Twin Peaks”.

That’s a lot of clues pointing to something Twin Peaks related in the making, no?

Why Wisteria could be closer to a Twin Peaks spin-off?

One of the main conclusions of Twin Peaks Season 3 is that you simply cannot return to the old Twin Peaks. Actors have grown older, tv is different now, the world has changed and so has Twin Peaks.

Season 3 ended with Agent Cooper waking up at a motel. His name is now Richard and Laura Palmer is a woman called Carrie Page, who works at a restaurant that Richard frequently visits. Is Richard the dreamer? And what has he been dreaming?

If Twin Peaks Season 4 (Code name: Wisteria) is about Richard, Linda and Carrie, the series will look more like a Twin Peaks spin-off than anything else. We can only speculate, time will tell.

What are your thoughts on Wisteria? Leave your comments below!

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