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Twin Peaks 2017

New Twin Peaks TV show, Twin Peaks 2017

7 Ways Twin Peaks changed TV forever

Twin Peaks was the first show that was built around one central mystery. The show was at his best before Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed and the whole world was wondering who killed Laura Palmer. Before Twin Peaks, individual episodes of TV series tended to have closed endings. Even cliffhangers usually got answered within en episode or two. TV makers didn’t spend much attention to a show’s cohesiveness over the course of a season. That all changed after Twin Peaks.  Click to read more and comment »
Twin Peaks 2017

David Lynch is back on board of the Twin Peaks reboot

David Lynch is back on board of the Twin Peaks reboot some weeks after he announced his withdrawal from the show. It’s a big relief for Twin Peaks fans who didn’t think it could be done without having both David Lynch and Mark Frost on board. Lynch’ unique cinematic style and vision are believed by many to be essential elements in the creation of the wonderful and strange TV show. Twin Peaks is consistent with Lynch’ work as a whole. Its unsettling tone, its campy, melodramatic portrayal of quirky characters engaged in morally dubious activities reflects a bizarrely comical parody of American soap operas.  Click to read more and comment »
Twin Peaks 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Is this thing on?

It’s been a wild couple of months for Twin Peaks fans and social media have been raging about the Twin Peaks reboot. David Lynch is back with the project. And the news keeps on getting better. At the Crypticon event in Seattle Sherilyn Fenn (who plays Audrey Horne) revealed Twin Peaks season 3 would include eighteen episodes, double of the first announced nine episodes.  Click to read more and comment »